Don’t think the dress is fashionable and easy to wear, choose a dress to understand these rules first

How to use skirts to show fashion

The girl loves to wear skirt beautiful the skirt of celestial being you can wear really?I thought I would look like a street photographer.but the truth is that most of them are not so good.The following a few little rules hope to be able to give love to wear skirt you answer perplexity.Wear skirt to wear beautiful beautiful this summer!
Law 1, waist line is the key(How to use skirts to show fashion)
Many slightly fat girls especially like loose dresses in summer.Trying to hide excess flesh with wide version. This method will only make you look like oil drum. A high waist line can make a person look slim and tall.So a dress with a high waist is the best choice.
This year. the oversize dress is a big hit.but it’s only suitable for girls who look very thin. Especially for those who are slightly overweight. it will make them look bigger.
A lot of beautiful beautiful dress rolled out the design of lace-up, compare to draw rope money more trendy fashionable, satisfied the demand of many girls.The more basic style is the drawstring dress, and the basic choice is never wrong.If you’re a great match maker, you can always add a matching belt to your dress to create a slim waist.How to use skirts to show fashion
Rule 2. Subtract the skirt
The extremely brief wind of wantonly popularity is not to do not have a basis, taste to the sheet of this kind of design to the dress especially, too much complex adornment can let whole body look full without a bit of space, when choosing a type so, must concise.

Rule 3: contrast. Match sneaker
It is said that 2016 is the peak year for sports. All kinds of small white shoes have become street shoes, so fashionable girls need to keep up with fashion trends.How to use skirts to show fashion

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