Wearing Method and Meaning Ring Matching Skills

Ring matching skills

Ring as a witness of marriage. Whether it’s selection. You can’t wear it carelessly. Different rings are worn. It has different meanings. The way to marry and propose. It’s different. The next edition is for you. Share the wearing and meaning of rings. And some matching skills with rings.Ring matching skills

Ring matching skillsI. The Wearing Method and Significance of Rings in the World:

Internationally. The left hand stands for marriage. And. The right hand stands for love. Two hands mean the opposite. It’s easy to remember.

Index finger: left hand stands for unmarried. But there are already lovers. The right hand stands for singleness.

Middle finger: The left hand represents engagement. The right hand represents the ownership of the heart.

Ring finger: the left hand represents married. Right hand stands for love.

Finger: The left hand means that you don’t want to get married for the time being. The right hand is a bachelor.

Thumb: Thumb generally means to have a target. No distinction between left and right.

Ring matching skills2. The Wearing Method and Significance of Rings in China:

In China. The engagement ring is worn on the middle finger of the left hand. And the wedding ring. Then wear it on the left ring finger. The couple’s ring is worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

Other fingers: thumb means pursuit (in memory of lost love). The index finger expresses desire (waiting for others to pursue). The middle finger means engagement. The ring finger means knot (marriage). The little thumb means divorce. Or celibacy.

Which finger does the wedding ring wear?

Wedding rings are made in foreign countries regardless of gender. They are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In China, it follows the tradition of “left-handed men and right-handed women”. The groom wears it on his left ring finger. The bride wears her ring finger on her right hand.

Ring matching skills3:the matching skills of rings

1. If the ring is skillfully matched with the watch. They will increase each other’s charm. The matching principle is that the style of the ring and the watch should be unified.

2. If you wear a colored gemstone ring. Attention should be paid to other accessories on hand. Even cuff color matching.

3. If you want to wear two rings on one finger. The two rings should be as simple as possible.

Editor’s summary: There are many ways to wear rings and their meanings. Domestic and foreign countries are different. When you wear a ring, you love beauty. Be sure to know its wearing and meaning beforehand. Avoid affecting your marriage. If there’s a misunderstanding about the opposite sex you like. That’s not worth it.Ring matching skills

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