Summer Short Sleeves Matched with Beautiful Fried Sky

How do different types of people wear sportswear?

Tell you a terrible thing. Summer’s coming. It’s time to get ready with bare sports clothes.

After all, we girls have to have a sportswear to get fit.

Life must have a sense of ritual!Sportswear matching method

Cotton short sleeves + shorts,

Hanny, who is afraid of sweating in summer, is best suited for cotton, which is more breathable.

Hanny, who is very loose and fit for being slightly fat, has no pressure to start.

(2) Satin short sleeve jacket + trousers

Consider this if you don’t like to expose too much meat.

Don’t worry about the coolness of hot silk. I like this kind of haha better.

Looks more upscale

Cotton Short Sleeves + Satin Pants

No matter what body you are, it’s not picky.

Short sleeves for your upper body

The silk satin pants on the lower half of the body make you feel cool and frosty.

(4) Cotton-linen Satellite Clothes + Shorts

This is often said by others.

Upper body in spring

Wearing the lower half of the body for the summer

I want to say! It’s really beautiful!

Every time it’s almost summer, I want to turn my skirt over.

It’s really nice to wear with long sleeves!

Today I’ll introduce these sportswear to you. Actually, they are almost the same.

It’s just that different fabrics and bare meat can come according to your preferences.

The most important thing is to remember that regular exercise is good for your health.

Sportswear matching method  Sportswear matching method    Sportswear matching methodSportswear matching method

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