Matching skills of set jewelry

Set Jewelry Matching Skills

Visiting relatives and friends in the festival is the best time for everyone to fully display their personality and taste. Wearing colorful gemstone ornaments timely and appropriately will add a little color to this special Millennium spring, and at the same time give your family and friends a warm and relaxed feeling. For formal occasions such as celebration, banquet and evening party, you should wear a set of precious jewelry designed. If you wear more than two pieces of jewelry, you should pay attention to matching. Small knitting helps you solve this problem and collects matching skills of jewelry sets. Please take a look at it slowly.

Common suits are: two suits, three suits, four suits and five suits.

Two piece set: (Necklace + ring), (Ring + earring), (Necklace + earring), (earring + Brooch), (Bracelet + earring)

Three piece set; (Ring + Necklace + earring), (Ring + Necklace + Brooch)

Four piece set: (Ring + Necklace + earring + Brooch), (Ring + Necklace + earring + bracelet)

Five piece set: (Ring + Necklace + earring + Brooch + bracelet), (Ring + Necklace + earring + Bracelet + headdress)set jewelry Matching

When wearing a suit, you must be careful. If you don’t wear it properly, you will make a joke. Generally speaking, it is also necessary for everyone. For formal occasions, in principle, it is required to wear suits or high-grade jewelry close to suits. The suit has certain requirements on material, style and technology, and requires consistency. The two-piece set decoration has a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, it is relatively casual. It can be matched with any clothing and any occasion, but it requires the material, shape, workmanship, matching with environment and clothing of jewelry.

Four piece set and five piece set must be worn cautiously. They can only be worn in formal and ceremonious occasions. If the environment is not suitable, there will be suspicion of affectation, too much stacking, which will produce negative effects. Due to the increase in the number of kits, the weight of color increases, which will have a relatively large impact on the color and shape design of clothing. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to collocation and coordination with the wearing environment.

set jewelry Matching  For example, it’s better to wear the emerald suit at the formal occasions in the evening. The emerald green can look elegant under the light of the light, while the full green will be too dazzling under the sun. Platinum sapphire set will be more suitable and more stable in such an occasion. Ruby and diamond sets will have good effect under the light. Pearl sets have strong adaptability and will not be dazzling in most occasions. Diana, Princess of England, has many pearl sets. She often wears pearl sets to attend various occasions, which always looks elegant and luxurious. Therefore, I suggest that you should have a set of pearl ornaments for use, and the collocation between them and clothing is not very harsh.

Brooch is a delicate and elegant sign for women. A good-looking gem brooch is enough to set off the high-level sense of clothing. Therefore, in the selection of brooch, besides the beauty of style and material, only the beauty of style and material can make women more advanced.

set jewelry Matching      set jewelry Matching

set jewelry Matching      set jewelry Matching
set jewelry Matching

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