The beautiful collocation of fashionable dress

The beautiful collocation of fashionable dress

Matching of early autumn dress for young women.

The dress is really an all-in-one item. You can wear it all the year round. You can wear it in spring and autumn and summer alone, and you can wear it in winter with a coat. It’s very feminine to wear a dress. With the coming of early autumn, we can still wear a beautiful dress, but if the weather is cool, we need to wear it with a coat. Next, Xiaobian introduces the collocation of several kinds of early autumn dresses for you. Girls, hurry to understand!

Matching of early autumn dress 01: Jumpsuit knee skirt + medium length irregular Tulle cardigan

Red dress Knee Skirt shows women’s taste and skin color. The whole person is white when wearing it! This kind of sleeveless dress is most suitable for summer wear, but what do we still want to wear in the early autumn? At this time, our thin cardigan coat can be used! It’s more elegant to wear it with black tulle cardigan, and it’s also in line with the style of early autumn~Matching of early autumn dress

Matching of early autumn dress 02 suspender dress + short cardigan

This summer’s most popular is the suspender skirt. It’s very feminine! In such a beautiful season in early autumn, we still need to wear dresses. When a long dress with suspenders meets a short cardigan, it’s not too beautiful! Really beautiful to no friends! The color system is also very harmonious. The combination of bird yellow printing and white is really perfect! Perfect~

Matching of early autumn dress 03: Dress + long cardigan

The red one-piece dress shows the most high temperament, but also shows the effect of thin. This early autumn girls must try cardigan + dress, it will definitely make you radiant, the whole person is blingbling! Red dress and black tulle cardigan are really elegant and feminine. It’s a beautiful scenery for tall girls to wear like this!

Matching of early autumn dress 04: suspender skirt + bat cardigan

The white suspender skirt is the most immortal. It can change into a goddess in seconds. With the same white bat cardigan, it looks more elegant. The printing outline of cardigan is very delicate, and the whole is advanced and elegant. In early autumn, it’s too cool to wear a dress with suspenders alone. It’s not only beautiful to wear a cardigan with no friends, but also more warm.

Matching of early autumn dress  05: cake skirt + medium length cardigan

This summer also set off the upsurge of cake skirt again. It’s really a dream and girl to wear cake skirt. The yellow cake skirt is absolutely white. I can’t see my friends in any color. Then I put on a Tulle cardigan, which has the taste of early autumn. The cardigan is more elegant with trumpet sleeves. The combination of bird yellow and white is the best color matching!Matching of early autumn dress

Matching of early autumn dress 06: one piece skirt + short cardigan

This early autumn dress is more suitable for working people or middle-aged women. Young women wear it more mature and feminine, while middle-aged women wear it to show their youth and temperament. Red and black are always “made for each other”. The bright red one-piece dress and the short black cardigan make it elegant and charming. It’s so beautiful in early autumn.~

The weather in early autumn is very comfortable. It’s fashionable and warm to wear a beautiful dress with a cardigan. Let’s go out of the street with a beautiful dress.

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