Clothing matching skills in autumn or winter for young women

Clothing matching skills in autumn or winter

for young women

Colorful knitwear is very eye-catching, very beautiful, the lower body with what are very good-looking, more leisure. Spring girl’s knitwear is matched with a slim version. Polka dot dress is always the theme of spring. Today, it will follow Xiaobian to enter the world of Japanese sweet dress. The new dress in spring 2013 can not only show thin but also increase dressing charm. In spring 2013, the new sweet dress of Japanese style is thin and beautiful, which can’t be separated from the nude color in spring. Choose the nude yellow Chiffon pleated long dress to make the flesh of girls hide well, and use the long necklace. Clothing matching skills to see how the ol are dressed in winter, wearing a star model, simple and fashionable winter coat matching, after cooling, it should also be beautiful and charming. Winter’s pace is coming. We must prepare warm equipment for winter. No matter how you wear it, you should be charming and generous. The beautiful and convenient winter coat is the best choice for ol. The fashionable and atmospheric turned out collar has a strong sense of design.Clothing matching skills
The newly launched lookbook of pull & bear brings us the colorful dreamlike color. The retro and gorgeous dress, charming and charming makeup make the whole person charming. Spanish clothing brands pull and bear and Zara belong to INDITEX group. They adhere to the design concept of comfortable, simple and easy to wear. What matching skills should be mastered for the winter coat of polka dot dress to create a fashionable effect? Let’s take a look at the Korean style matching pictures of these winter coats brought by Xiaobian. Let’s learn the Korean style matching of winter coats from the Korean girls’ matching. Chinese woolen coat this Korean style Chinese woolen coat, aren’t you? The skill of dress collocation is light gold one-piece dress. If the figure can be cleverly outlined, the sexy charm can be instantly presented with thin belt high-heeled shoes, which makes the whole body look loose and tight. Camilla Belle is dressed in a finely tailored gold fitted one-piece dress with black Strapless heels and a gold handbag. Like a goddess.
More and more brides no longer adhere to the traditional consciousness in the choice of wedding dress style. In addition, many brands continue to launch more and more avant-garde and fashionable wedding dress design works, which provides a wider world for brides to choose their wedding dress. From the point of view of wedding dress style, those open back wedding dresses that can show the curve of the bride’s back to the maximum have become the love of the bride. This. Spring dress with polka dot dress with spring dress with introduction the return of spring weather makes more and more beautiful women show their legs. Although some people still wear pants, stockings and so on to wrap their legs, such a mix and match is more stylish! [legs with tips] leopard Chiffon + white wide skirt animal pattern is popular again in spring and summer of 2013, with translucent leopard V-neck. The skill of clothing match must have my teacher. Confucius taught us to study modestly. Let’s learn how to dress and dress with our teachers around us. The company’s temperament, front desk, walking in the streets of the young women, show us the beauty of the Amoy beans, are our learning materials, pay attention to analyze their collocation, to extract the essence of its dregs, slowly accumulate into their exclusive wear trick.

Clothing matching skills        Clothing matching skills

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