The turtleneck sweater is very warm in winter

The white turtleneck sweater is very warm in winter

The turtleneck sweater is very warm in winter. How can it look good with a little bloated? Here’s how to match the turtleneck sweater:

Long coat + white turtleneck sweater:

The collocation of long sweater and high neck sweater can show the generous atmosphere of the whole person, which is very intellectual and feminine, and is very suitable for the daily commuting of mature women.

Leather + white turtleneck sweater:

Leather and black pants are a kind of handsome style. The contrast between dark leather coat and trousers and light high collar sweater can highlight the handsome of the coat, and also play a role in keeping warm. It’s very suitable for autumn and winter!

Cape + turtleneck:

Cloaks are usually decorated with large V-necks. At this time, a sweater with a high collar can counteract the feeling of emptiness from the chest to the neck. Moreover, the sweater itself is also a matching – it is best to see the color comparison with the cloaks.white turtleneck sweater

Faux Fur + turtleneck + slim pencil pants:

Light colored turtleneck sweater and slim pencil pants can be very spiritual and noble. At this time, matching a bright and fresh artificial fur highlights the special fur, which is very eye-catching.

Long high neck sweater + buttock skirt:

The long high neck sweater has a kind of lazy feeling. The buttock skirt is a slim design. The loose sweater is in contrast with the slim skirt, which can make the figure look more curvy, and also make the whole body look very feminine.

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